Our amazing team

Analytics is part of Andes Arena Inc. and it is a multidisciplinary team consist of Data Scientists, Programmers, Engineerings, Lawyers, Criminal Scpecialists, Social workers, and sometimes other disciplines such as Police Officers, Counsellors, advocacy workers, and possibly others not listed. The different professions all have different areas of expertise, so that they can combine their skill sets if necessary to tackle complex and challenging of data analysis.


Torres del Paine (Chile)
Alfonso Bastias, Ph.D.

Alfonso Bastias, Ph.D.

CEO Andes Arena
Visiting Professor at CU

I enjoy creating Decision Support Systems to be able to offer the best tools to make your job better. My focus is in Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence Applied to Decision Models to improve your context.

Matanzas, CHILE
M. Soledad Diaz

M. Soledad Diaz

VP Andes Arena
Senior Consulting

What moves me is to make valuable information accessible and understandable. Creativity and innovation allow us to look at things in different ways and present them with clarity, to support the decision making process.

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